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READY. SET...PARTY WITH A PURPOSE - o2ex Boston Fashion Week

READY. SET… PARTY WITH PURPOSE - Boston Harbor Seaport Waterfront

In celebration of our awesome charitable work initiatives, O2EX BFW will close with a “heck of a hullabaloo” on the waterfront. This fierce festivity includes great food, drink, music and an opportunity to socialize & network with like-minded visionaries, influencers,  volunteers,  and  benefitting nonprofit organizations in the finale' of O2EX BFW week of service.

POST-PARTY Tia’s Waterfront Restaurant - Columbus Park - Marriott Long Wharf Hotel Harbor Seaport events. Everyone comes together for a community party to celebrate the culmination of our exciting O2EX BFW annual fashion festival events!

Location: Boston Marriott Long Wharf Boston, MA 02110

Note: *Food & beverage costs may apply *Marriot Long Wharf Fashion History is a ticketed affair. Spaces are limited. Price subject to increase.